mardi 17 avril 2007

TV program 5

By watching this TV program, I found a captivating program. I will watch all 6th seasons this summer and I probably will look to see the other seasons after because now I would like know to what happens exactly to Rory and why she was in this situation now. I recommend this show to other students next year because it is funny and gives a look on a lot of new kinds of today’s family. But it was a little bit long because it was a one hour TV program.

mardi 20 mars 2007

TV program 4

That is an episode of my TV program see from the point of view of Luke.Yesterday it was a big day. It began in the morning at my restaurant, I was making out the invoices for my clients when Kirk decided to serve himself coffee as if I could not serve my clients. When I saw it, I was shocked. When he came back behind the counter I asked him why he was doing it. He answered to me that he saw Lorelai do it the other day. Do you believe it? After, I had to ask him to get out of my corner. At this moment Lorelai and Rory came in the restaurant. They came from a trip for Rory is 21st birthday. I was happy to see them. So I went to meet them to know how their trip was. I quickly understood that I was not sure if I would know all the details of this mother and son trip. But I went to sit with them to listen to what they had to say about this trip. It look like a good trip a very nice trip. From my point of view a little bit too much focus on Number 21 but a nice trip. That was just the morning. In the day, I saw the mother of my child and later when I saw Lorelai in her wedding dress, I could not say to her that I had a child.

mardi 13 février 2007

tv programme assignement 2

This episode of Gilmore girls began with Luck and Lorelai who came back from shopping with a lot of bags. At the moment that the couple went in to Luck’s restaurant the Lorelai’s phone was ringing. It was Shookie and she said that the stove was on fire and she stopped the fire but the wall of the kitchen was damaged. Immediately Lorelai and Luck ran to see Shookie and the damage. On the other side Rory heard that the event of his grandmother's group could not happen because they could not fill the table. So after a little discussion the group decided to let Rory in charge of the organisation. Luck and Lorelai went to eat at Shookie and Jackson's house and at this moment Lorelai was beginning to believe that Luck was probably not as happy as he said he was all the time with her. Rory completely changed the menu of the event. Rory’s grandmother didn’t like it but Rory’s grandfather said that he had no opposition to Rory’s choice and he was convinced that she made the right choices. Lorelai called his father who was the insurance company of the hotel. At the same time she was trying to know if Rory would go back to school but it was the only thing that she could know about her daughter and his father went away. Rory hired an assistant to help her make up the event and to answer the answers of the invitations. At the same time, Paris came in to tell Rory that she was broken. Rory decided to hire Paris to serve at her event. When Lorelai was coming back home Luck prepared the dinner for them and for Lorelai’s dog that he didn’t like him very much. So Lorelai proposed to Luck to do things that he really liked by himself like camp ground. She said that he could do it the same night because she was going to spend the evening with Shookie to see the recital of the school. We could see that Lorelai didn’t like young peoples going near her. So Luck didn’t spend the whole night in a camp ground and decided to come back home and he said to Lorelai that he felt pushed away from her. Rory’s boyfriend's family came to the event. We learned that her boyfriend’s family wouldn’t let her in their family. So she didn’t like the surprise of his boyfriend’s family coming in without “warning”. Finally the evening of Lorelai wasn’t a success but Rory’s event was a big success in spite of the surprise of his boyfriend’s parents. In this event the grandparents of Rory learned the truth about what happened with the boyfriend’s family of Rory.

dimanche 28 janvier 2007

tv journal Assignment-1

This is the story of a mother, Lorelai, and her boyfriend Luke. She tries to find her girl, Rory. Rory lives in her rich grandparent's house (the parents of her mother). Rory decides to leave Yale University where she was studying to take a break. In the meantime, she has to do a lot of community service because she stole a boat. Lorelai decides to renovate her house and she works in her hotel. In this episode, she makes preparations for a big wedding. Luke works in his restaurant. Logan, Rory's boysfriend, comes from a trip in Europe with his friends. Rory has a good business sense and it's for this reason that she becomes the crew chef of the park cleaning that she does for her community services. Rory is on good terms with her grandmother but she is on bad terms with her mother since she left the University. I chose this TV program because it talks about family problems and for me family is very important. I also chose it because if it is the sixth season it is sure that a lot of people like this TV program.